• 4-5:30pm – Mimi ends the swim at Fort Defiance Park in Cairo IL
  • parade – from Fort Defiance Park to Cairo Fire Station
  • speeches – celebrating the Ohio River Swim
  • kayak give-away – donate $10 for a ticket

Mimi will arrive in Cairo IL anywhere from 4-5:30pm. Check this page and the main page of this website on Saturday morning for an estimated time of arrival.

[Photo: Joanna Lai]Kayak give-away – Jackson Kayak, a family-owned business in Sparta TN, donated a blue Journey kayak for the Ohio River Swim. Donate $10 to the Central Asia Institute. Send confirmation to Mimi (riverswimmer1956@yahoo.com), who will give you one drawing ticket for each $10 donation. Selection will be made on Tuesday, 3 August.

***Congratulations to Lisa of Cincy Paddlers, the proud new owner of the Journey kayak that accompanied Mimi on the Ohio River Swim. [Donated by Jackson Kayak.]***

Organization in need – Metropolis IL is home to Guardian Family Services, which provides “shelter, legal and medical advocacy, counseling, education, and support” for abused women and their children. Even as the organization struggles with financial needs, its Program Director, Rita Gower, has offered enthusiastic support to the Ohio River Swim from the beginning. Visit their website, learn about their services, and consider donating or writing letters to the legislature.


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