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Breaking News Archive

UPDATE!17 July, 4:18pm central – Mimi is half a mile away from Fort Defiance!

12:30pm central time – Mimi is at mile 973. This puts her on schedule for a 4:30 arrival time at Fort Defiance.

WE NEED A BOAT FOR THE ARRIVAL! In order to film Mimi’s arrival, Joanna Lai needs to be on a boat. If anyone can provide a boat for Joanna, please call her at 256.541.0358. If you can’t reach Joanna, please call Kay Campbell, Huntsville Times reporter, at 931.993.9016. 10:50am central time— Joanna Lai said Mimi got into the river about 8:30-9 this morning. The current is 2mph but will slow as the Ohio merges with the Mississippi. At a steady rate of 2mph, Mimi would arrive at Ft. Defiance Park in Cairo around 4, but with slowing current, the estimated time of arrival is 5-5:30pm. Updates on Mimi’s ETA will be posted here!Four kayakers accompany Mimi today: Connie Ulrich (first support kayaker on the trip), Jennifer Taylor (last support kayaker on the trip), Cindi Branham (early support kayaker), and Darlene Ehinger, who’s support kayaker for the first time on this swim. Wish this swimming and kayaking entourage well on the final day of the Ohio River Swim.

***end UDATE> 15 July – Today, Mimi reaches Metropolis IL, home to Superman. Who are your heroes? How do we act heroically every day?> 14 July – MIMI PASSES 900 MILES TODAY!>12 July, 11am, Press Conference at Cave-in-Rock State Park Lodge>Listen to two songs inspired by Mimi. Scroll down to Music and listen to the Mermaid Lau, by Still on the Hill, and I Love You Here, by Jerry Taylor.>9 July – Mimi is at mile 820 this morning! To celebrate, treat yourself to a visual journey of the Ohio River Swim. We’ve got additions from several folks under the Photo tab.>The Mermaid Lau – Listen to the song (scroll down to Music below) inspired by Mimi, composed and performed by the folkgrass duo Still on the Hill. The two musicians, Donna Stjerna and Kelly Mulhollan, have combined traditional European legend with contemporary environmental passion. See the Mermaid Lau tab for lyrics.>Read blog postings and daily WITWIMs (Where in the water is Mimi?) by teacher consultants at the Louisville Writing Project intensive summer institute.>TODAY’S SWIM – check this tab to read Mimi’s notes about her daily swims and to find Jerry Schulte’s highly informative river digest to Mimi. THIS IS A GREAT READ!

>New pictures and blog postings from Joanna! (2 July)>Welcome Kelsey Hughes, Mimi’s support kayaker for the next week (3-9 July). Kelsey was Mimi’s kayak support on the Danube (2006) and Drava and Mura (2007) swims.4 July – Ohio River Swim radio show at 8pm central timeMimi’s second daughter, Tess Hughes, kayaks today accompanied by someone else from Huntsville Police.Mimi is past the 2/3 mark! (mile 654)Read Joanna Lai’s 28 June blog posting and see new pictures.Check out aerial images of the Ohio River courtesy of Travis Luncan (Environmental Specialist at ORSANCO) in the Today’s Swimsection.Check out new videos posted by kayaker Rob Gates! [See Videos below.]***check out Eddie Lowe’s photo album of Mimi’s presentation at the River Museum, Point Pleasant WV***New photos and blog posting at Joanna Lai’s blog, Experiment in Flight!Read Kay Campbell’s article in The Huntsville Times, Ohio River swim: Mimi Hughes halfway to the Mississippi.19 June – MIMI PASSES THE HALFWAY MARK TODAY!A new group on this Ning, Louisville Writing Project, will be writing to and about Mimi in a daily Witwim (Where in the water is Mimi?). The LWP is part of the National Writing Project.

Two new photo albums!*New photos and stories at Joanna’s blog!*Check out Ed Lowe’s album, Scenes of the Beautiful Ohio!***check out Eddie Lowe’s photo album of Mimi’s presentation at the River Museum, Point Pleasant WV***>TODAY’S SWIM – check this tab to read Mimi’s notes about her daily swims and to find Jerry Schulte’s highly informative river digest to Mimi. THIS IS A GREAT READ!

>Next OHIO RIVER SWIM radio show on Sunday, 20 June, 7pm Central, 8pm Eastern time. Click on the BlogTalkRadio tab above and call in with your questions!

***HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MIMI! – 23 May***

> Excellent slideshow of Mimi starting the swim in Rick Wills’ Pittsburgh Tribune-Review article

> READ Kay Campbell’s article in The Huntsville Times, Splashing hope: Mimi Hughes begins Ohio River Swim

> Strong Women, Strong Girls (SWSG) plans a festive send-off for Mimi’s first dive into the Ohio River this Saturday morning. Pittsburgh Program Manager of SWSG, Vanessa Veltre, is coordinating interviews and other events. If you haven’t read about SWSG’s after-school program for at-risk girls or how they encourage leadership and mentoring in college students, then check out their website for some inspiration (http://swsg.org).

> The kayak has arrived! Jackson Kayak has donated the Journey, a sleek blue kayak that will accompany Mimi for the entire swim. As Mimi says, the support kayak sees the river for her. See photos below taken by Kay Campbell of the Huntsville Times.


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