Be the Change

Be the Change

The Ohio River Swim depends on grassroots participation from as many people as possible. Check Mimi’s Itinerary to see if your town is on the route of the Ohio River Swim. Here are some ways you can help:

How You Can Help Contact Donate
Organize a welcoming event when Mimi passes through your town Mimi at riverswimmer1956@yahoo.com
Help with logistics (lodging, food, housing the kayak) Kay at kaywheatley@gmail.com
Kayak alongside Mimi as her support kayaker Kelsey at kelseymay09@yahoo.com
Raise money for local and global organizations that support the Ohio River Swim Mission

How to be a part of WAW’s Ohio River Swim

Adopt a day—We are asking for people, towns, groups or organizations to adopt a day or more of logistic sponsorship for Mimi and her support kayaker. Accepting this responsibility means: Meeting Mimi at the endpoint for the day and transporting her and her support kayaker to their lodging (the lodging can be a home, bed-n-breakfast, or a hotel) and returning them to the river the next morning. This sponsorship includes all transportation and room fees and if possible, the arrangement of media interviews or speaking engagements.

Support kayaker—If you have kayaking experience, there are a few days open to be Mimi’s support kayaker. An interview is necessary prior to assignment. The interview can be set up with the kayaking committee chair at kelseymay09@yahoo.com.

Select or design your own fundraiser in support of one or more of the organizations Mimi’s swim is focusing on. The following ideas are some suggestions:

  • Pennies for Peace Drive – Pennies for peace teaches children/students the rewards of sharing and working together to bring hope and educational opportunities to children in Pakistan and Afghanistan. A penny in the U.S. is virtually worthless, but in Pakistan and Afghanistan a penny buys a pencil and opens the door to literacy. Visit www.penniesforpeace.org
  • Organize a swim-a-thon, bike-a-thon, walk-a-thon, etc. – Locate a local route to use for your event. Create a sponsorship form that includes your purpose and a space for sponsors to include their Name, Address, Pledge Amount and the Date. Advertise by word of mouth, in schools, stores, churches, etc. When the event is over, collect the funds and mail them to one of the organizations the Ohio River Swim supports.
  • Host a Dinner Event – Invite your friends and relatives and encourage them to bring friends. Order an Ohio River Swim power-point from Mimi to show at the party and invite people to log onto the Women Across the World Ning website to donate to organizations the Ohio River Swim supports.
  • Design a card that can be given to local businesses – When customers check out, ask if they’d like to donate a dollar to the organization for which you are raising money.
  • Organize a sale and donate the funds to an organization the Ohio River Swim is focusing on.
  • Create a raffle offering people the opportunity to kayak with Mimi for ½ a day.
  • Set up a speaking engagement for Mimi when she swims through your town and ask for donations to hear her speak. (Mimi does not ask for speaking fees.)
  • Purchase a necklace featuring the Ohio River swim’s logo and S.W.I.M for Education (Strong Women In Motion). Go to the Art & Gifts section of this Ning.
  • Invent your own fundraiser.


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